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AAR Scenario 5

Page history last edited by Paul 9 years, 4 months ago

AFTER ACTION REPORT - Benghazi Handicap Scenario 5, ‘The Gauntlet’

Breakthrough Scenario Summary

6 Feb 1941, weak British forces have established a blocking position in front of the retreating Italian 10th Army.

The base points are 700 (British) vs 1400 (Italian) but the unit selection is based upon the historical OoB given in the Benghazi Handicap scenario tailored to the BKC II rule system.

The Italian major objective was to exit at least six combat units off the table across the British baseline while the British objective was to prevent the Italians achieving their objective.

The game had a duration of 12 turns, or until objectives achieved, with the Italians going first.

Note that although there is only one hill in the scenario, there are three rises. These do not feature in the BKC rules but we use them to break Line-of-Sight (LoS) and provide some hull down positions.

We also use a few house rules and these are mentioned in the report.

For full details of the scenario and rosters, see the scenario document.


Note: Rather than post the report in a page, I have created a word document you can download here.


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